Prices & Cleanings


We offer these basic services for the rates you will see below:

  • Dust Furniture,
  • Wipe Baseboards,
  • Vacuum,
  • Wipe Window Sills,
  • Wipe doors,
  • Remove Cobwebs,
  • Wash Floors,
  • Dust Ceiling Fans.

In Kitchen:

  • Wipe countertops,
  • Wipe outside of Cabinets,
  • Scrub Sink,
  • Clean outside of Stove,
  • Outside of Refrigerator,
  • Outside of Microwave,
  • Outside of Dishwasher.

In The Bathroom:

  • Clean Toilet,
  • Shower,
  • Tub,
  • Clean mirrors,
  • Wipe Outside vanities,
  • or cabinets, & mop,
  • Wash floor, & vacuum.

Any requests from the customer, can be discussed, depending on the extra services you would like done it may increase the rate.

For these basic cleaning duties,

a 2 bedroom house & 1 or 2 bathrooms is $80.25 & up,

a 3 Bedroom house & 1 or 2 or 3 bathrooms is $80.25 & up,

a 4 bedroom house & 2 or 3 or 4 Bathrooms is $96.30 & up,

a 5 bedroom house & 3 or 4 or 5 bathrooms is $128.40 & up,

a 6 bedroom house & 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 bathrooms is $144.45 & up.

We do clean for businesses & churches, it is difficult to give a price for businesses best thing to do is to call us & we can set up an appointment for a Free Estimate!

Serving limited areas in the Allgheny County area. Pittsburgh, PA.



Give us a call to set up an appointment



Call 412-462-0178


You also can email us at


Min. Rate $80.25 per job!



Depending upon how frequently you would like our services price may be subject to change & also depending on things you need done, or would like done, if you have more things in mind that are not on the basic cleaning list, it is better you set up an appointment for an Free Estimate.

Example: Cleaning outside porch & outside porch furniture, & making all beds in the house. Basement again depending on the size & what you would like done, Dusting individual nicknaks, depending on how many. These are just a couple examples.





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