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If you ever would like to make Donations around the Holidays to make a difference & help other people: Please look at the following information & go to these web sites. I highly recommend helping these 2 Organizations. They are honest & trustworthy & the money goes to good causes. I know I donate to them.

Gloria Estefan's Foundation

Gloria supports many different causes Education, The Arts & Music, Children's Programs, Community Involvement.

Please go to the site & there is more information regarding her foundation. I have to say Randy & I have met Gloria & Emilio several different times & they are very wonderful people! Also there is a Mission statement from Gloria on the Foundation page.


The Gloria Estefan Foundation

Mission Statement:



The Arts & Music:

* Person of the Year - Music Cafe, an organization that helps musicians in their senior years who have no other financial assistance.
* Charity event performances - AMFAR and others.

Children’s Program:

Community Involvement:

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Gloria is also a Campaign director ForThe Miami Project To cure Spinal Cord Injury.

I also recommend taking a look at there site also


We are not accepting any Donations. We ask that you send them Directly to The Foundations.

Thank you for looking at our Donations to help others page !!!



Gloria believes in giving back tothe community that has given her so much. With support that goes beyond just the monetary, Gloria takes a grass roots, hands-on approach to community involvement.
* Hurricane Relief Concert - When Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992, Gloria Estefan organized a concert at Joe Robbie Stadium and raised $3 million for rebuilding effort.
* T.J. Martell Foundation - Gloria provides support to this organization which conducts cancer, leukemia and AIDS research.
* Camillus House - financial and hands-on volunteer support for this homeless shelter.
* AIDS Walk Miami/Health Crisis Network - Gloria and her family participate in this walk every year.Blessed with two healthy children of her own, Gloria is especially concerned with meeting children's needs and safeguarding their well-being.
Through the foundation, her lifelong commitment to children will endure.
* Children's Home Society
* Honorary Chairperson - Kidzcare, a not-for-profit volunteer project of the United Foundation for AIDS Model Community AIDS program at South Shore Hospital.
* Advisory Committee - The For All Kids Foundation, established in February 1997 by Rosie O'Donnel to support the intellectual, social and cultural development of economically disadvantaged children.
* Donation of medical equipment to a pediatric AIDS unit.
Music and the arts are very dear to Gloria's heart, providing the ultimate form of self-expresssion. She has supported music and the arts both financially and personally, through charity performances. These efforts will continue through the Gloria Estefan Foundation.
A good education is pivotal to the future success of every child; obtaining one is not always as easy. Understanding that we have to build a foundation for our future, Gloria has provided financial assistance to children who would otherwise be unable to afford tuition and other school related expenses. The Gloria Estefan Foundation is committed to making education accessible to countless children.
Gloria Estefan's lifelong dream has been to touch the lives of people in need in real and positive ways.
Inspired by this humanitarian vision, The Gloria Estefan Foundation aims to reach those who struggle outside the safeguards of society by promoting good health, education and cultural development.
The Foundation was created in 1997 to suppose charitable programs for disadvantage children, to empower young people through education and opportunity. Its mission includes funding annual scholarships for students who need financial assistance, so that they may accomplish their higher education goals.
As Gloria is a strong supporter of the spinal cord research, the Foundation is committed to fostering physical and emotional growth and strength. It is an open-door foundation accessible to individual cases of hardship.
With a broad view into the future, the Foundation's long-term goal is to thrive as a living, breathing, lasting expression of Gloria's dream. Thank you!
Everyone have a great day!



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