Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies Used


We supply all our own cleaning tools:

Sweeper, White towels/Rags, Dusters, Mops & all cleaning chemicals (unless you prefer we use a certain chemical, if we are not familiar with the chemicals you would like us to use, we may ask you to sign a release form.).

We use different chemicals depending on what the customer prefers. Everyone likes different things & some people have allergies to certain chemicals or cleaning products.

We also offer Natural cleaning chemicals if you rather see below! And if you prefer we use what you have that is fine also!
Hard wood Furniture we use, Endust, Pledge, We also have a Natural Cedar wood hardwood cleaner that we supply!

Hard wood floors we use Vinegar & water, Murphy's Oil, (the murphy's oil is not recommended for hardwood that has polyurethane finish it eats through the polyurethane not immediately but over a period of time) & Natural Cedar Wood Cleaner.

For Glass Furniture Or Mirrors we use Windex, or Vinegar & water.

Kitchen, Lysol Disinfectant, a natural disinfectant Citrus Kitchen & bath cleaner.
Bathroom, we use Lysol, Pine sol, or Natural Disinfectant Citrus Bath & Kitchen cleaner.

Sunshine Cleaning uses a dyson vacuum.

For more information about our vacuum that we use, you can see it on the dyson web site at




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