About us



 Sunshine Cleaning is in business 19 years! Thank you ALL for being our customers!


We appreciate all of your business!

You all are very important to us!




Sunshine Cleaning, is a small cleaning business & a family business. We are insured & we offer Free Estimates.

Give us a call to set up an appointment !



Call   412-462-0178


We offer Weekly cleaning services, every other week, every three weeks, just around the holidays. We also offer one time cleaning services for when you are moving in a home, or moving out of a home, or apartment. We also clean businesses & Houses, Churches, Apartments, Townhouses, etc. We do offer special cleaning if you would like that done just let us know. We do clean inside cupboards cabinets, stoves, Refrigerators, for Holidays, Or the Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter, Or Whatever the Occasion. You also can email us at




We offer 10% better than any legal cleaning company with proof of there agreement or contract & phone number to confirm proof of price.




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